As a Financial Capability practitioner,
you serve the needs of low- to moderate-income households and individuals
as they make their way from
Financial Crisis to Stability, Security, Well-Being and Prosperity.

Professionals from non-profit organizations,
serving at the national, regional, state, city and community levels.
Banks, credit unions and CDFIs.
Government agencies.
And other community developers.
Together, the entire community plays a role
in serving those who need and deserve
your guidance and support the most.

You deserve to perform at your best
to help advance the communities you serve.

One of the greatest ways you can elevate your performance
is by developing your knowledge, skills and acumen
as you pursue the Certified Practitioner in Financial Capability
(commonly known as the “CPFinCap”) professional certification!

Elevate your performance! Pursue the CPFinCap!

To access a detailed description of the entire CPFinCap professional certification initiative,
click here for the Candidate Guide.

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